About Thorley Day Nursery

Our History

In 1990 Mrs Wills opened Thorley Day Nursery, the first private day Nursery in Timperley. 

Having taught in infant schools in Trafford and Stockport for over 10 years, Mrs Wills recognised the need for high quality nursery education providing excellent educational facilities for children aged 2- 5 years.

Due to a demand for places at Thorley Day Nursery, provision was increased in 1995 to accommodate the growing community. In 2007 an additional purpose-built extension was added to the setting to enable babies from 3 months to join the caring and homely nursery.

Mrs Wills has always insisted on providing high quality teaching combined with a homely environment for all children and their families.  Thorley Day Nursery has an impeccable reputation for high quality and meaningful care and education. 

Lucy Pettit was part of the nursery workforce from a young age. She grew up spending lots of time in the nursery, playing with the children and preparing activities. She worked in the nursery during school holidays and when she returned home each term while studying at university. She joined the nursery team full time in 2007 and trained in early years care and education gaining a Post Graduate certificate and Early Years Professional Status now known as Early Years Initial Teacher Training. As a mother of three young children Lucy knows how important it is for parents to feel at ease leaving the most important thing in their lives with people they trust and who they know can nurture and meet the well-being, learning and development needs of their child in their absence.

Thorley Day Nursery is the sole interest of Mrs Wills and Mrs Pettit. They have an uncompromisingly strong focus on ensuring all children’s progress is developed in a warm and homely environment with excellent facilities and teaching.

Our Mission

At Thorley Day Nursery we welcome your children into a safe and happy home away from home.


Working with you, the parents/carers, we aim to engage your children as individuals, within a challenging and caring learning environment, alongside experienced, qualified and respectful adults, in preparation for the levels of learning and independence expected at school.


We aspire to support children towards a positive, healthy, safe and happy life.


Thorley Day Nursery

January 2018


Nursery Staff

Teresa Wills Cert. Ed. (Provider)
Mrs. Wills established Thorley Day Nursery in 1990 after teaching in local Primary schools for many years. She gained her teaching Qualification in Liverpool in 1972. Although retired Mrs Wills is still heavily involved as the provider in all aspects of the nursery.


Lucy Pettit B.A.Hons, Post Graduate in Early Years Education and Early Years Teacher (Nursery Manager)
Mrs Pettit joined the nursery in 2007. She is an Early Years Teacher and she has a Post Graduate Certificate in Early Years Education and Childhood studies and Practice. She leads the dedicated team in consistently providing highly stimulating learning environments and experiences through a wide range of interactive activities. She is responsible for the training of all staff, ensuring a highly trained workforce leading to all children making rapid and meaningful progress in their learning and development. As a working mother of three Lucy understands how important high-quality nurturing care and attention is to support all children’s development and well-being. Lucy is the Safeguarding Designated Officer, Equal Opportunities Officer and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator at the nursery.

Hannah O’Neill Foundation Degree in Early Years and Leadership (Deputy Manager and Room Leader - Ladybirds)

Hannah joined Thorley Day Nursery as an apprentice in 2002. After gaining NVQ Level 3, Hannah embarked on a Foundation Degree in Early Years and Leadership. Hannah is the Deputy Manager and the Room Leader working with babies and toddlers (aged 3months- 2 years). She is the settings Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator.


Rhiannon Dickinson Level 3 in Childcare and Education (Early Years Practitioner) Rhiannon joined the Nursery team in 2015 after completing her Level 3 childcare and education qualification. She works with babies and toddlers supporting their Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development.

Amanda Boyd Level 3 in Childcare and Education (Early Years Practitioner) Mandy has over 25 years of experience working with toddlers and pre-school children. Mandy joined Thorley Day Nursery in November 2016. She cares for children aged 2-4 years old.

Megan Daly Level 2 in Childcare and Education (Early Years Practitioner) Megan joined the nursery in Spring 2017. She is currently working towards her Level 3 childcare and education qualification. She cares for children aged 2-4 years old.

Donna Kitto Level 3 in Childcare and Education (Early Years Practitioner) Donna joined the nursery at the beginning of 2015. She has worked with children for several years. She cares for children aged 2-4 years old.

Helen Grice (Lunchtime cook) Helen joined the nursery in 2014. Helen prepares healthy, tasty and nutritious meals for the children each day. Helen is highly responsive to the individual needs of all children including food allergies and intolerances. During the preparation and cooking of meals, she is considerate and respectful of the religious and cultural choices of families attending nursery, offering a variety of meals.