At Thorley Day Nursery we create highly stimulating and active learning spaces for all children to learn through play.

Provision and activities are designed to enhance children’s imagination and curiosity about the world.

Teaching supports children’s interests and needs engaging and motivating them to be ambitious learners.

We focus on the seven areas of Learning and Development as set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). We consider each area to be as important as the other and recognise that they are all interlinked which is evident in our teaching and the rapid progress children make at Thorley Day Nursery.

The Busy Bee’s rooms promote happiness, independence, positive relationships, freedom to make choices and time to reflect on learning. Children’s self-confidence and self-esteem is strengthened through our recognition of and pride for all children’s abilities.

Children are taught by trained Early Years Teachers to develop and sustain their natural ability to learn.

Mathematics and Literacy are part of everyday practice at Thorley Day Nursery.

We place a strong focus on ensuring that all of our early years teaching here at Thorley Day Nursery provides your child with a firm foundation of learning ready for transitioning into School Reception class.